Coffee and Vending Machines

A different approach to scale prevention in coffee machines!

We all recognise the limitations of conventional Point Of Use (POU) systems in the Coffee sector. Phosphates, cation-exchange resins and the like do have an effect to varying degrees. Some are good - others not so good. Leaving the varied performance merits to the side, these systems normally have a relatively short effective life (typically 6 months or less) and many create corrosion and pitting issues on valves and solenoids.. These two factors mean not only is unnecessary time and money spent on service and maintenance but often the burden of servicing lands on the shoulders of untrained staff.

Scale Stop from Next Filtration is the proven alternative protection system for coffee machines, ice machines, steamers, combi ovens and all other food services equipment. Scale Stop is available in both Point Of Entry (POE) and POU systems with a full range of 24/7/365 continuous flow ratings from 1 litre/minute to 1,800 litres/minute. No salt, no chemicals, no electricity, no backwash, no regeneration or rest time.

POU systems are available as NSS-QTM6SS and NSS-QT1 quarter turn twist lock cartridges or NSS-110/120/120B conventional cartridge filter housings from 4 up to 16 litres/minute flow rate. These units have a minimum one year life between changes.

POE systems have a longer effective life... 3 years on 38 litres/minute and above, providing long lasting effective prevention for the whole outlet - including boilers and water heaters, eliminating the need for numerous POU filters.

Scale Stop is established in the coffee sector and is standard protection with Concordia.
Scale Stop has independent third party performance verifications under the German DVGW - W512 test protocol and achieved a 99.6% efficiency rating in scale prevention.

Scale protection as good as it gets!

+ higher flow capacity and twice the life in service

In the POU in line cartridge sector too, Next Scale Stop out performs other systems. Don't take our word for it - check your current cartridge system label.

  • Water hardness limit < 300ppm
  • Life in service 6 months maximum
  • Capacity < 20,000 litres

  • Water hardness limit: >500ppm
  • Life in service: 12 months minimum
  • Capacity as stated flow rate 24/7/365