Next Scale Stop for hotels

Scale Stop use overview for hotels

Next Scale Stop TAC - Template Assisted Crystallisation, is a proven and independently evaluated scale prevention technology. In tests using the German DVGW-W512 protocol - the most respected and authoritative test in the World, it has repeatedly achieved efficiency ratings in excess of 95% and has achieved this in a range of water hardness challenges up to TDS of 1200 mg/l with CaCo3 of 500ppm and at both 60C and 80C.

In these evaluations, TAC has shown to be twice as efficient as electro/magnetic/sacrificial anode devices, and equal to the very best ion exchange (salt) water softeners. TAC has non of the limitations of use of salt systems.

Our TAC technology is written into the build specifications for Marriott Hotels, and is widely used in Hilton (Embassy Suites) Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express and DeVere. Next Scale Stop is widely used in the food services and hospitality sector. Additional markets are with boiler and equipment manufacturers as OEM own brand protection. These include boiler manufacturers A O Smith, and Noritz, Concordia Coffee machines, Groen combi ovens and several more.

We have then, an established and proven technology which is not only efficient, but shows a rapid ROI when used to replace salt water softeners - typically one year or less. Our technology has an efficiency equal to or better than salt softeners, but non of the limitations of use. We use no salt or chemicals and we do not waste the huge amounts of water in backwashing which salt systems do - thus reducing OPEX, and eliminating harmful brine discharge into the drains - that means zero environmental impact. In summary then:

  • High efficiency
  • Rapid ROI
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Used for potable water
  • Zero water waste
  • Zero environmental impact