Tank Models

Template Assisted Crystallisation models

Highly efficient scale prevention technology

systems contains of original TAC media from Nextfiltration to prevent hard water scale.

The system illustration shows the down flow path of the incoming mains water which passes through an up flow path throught the central riser tube which contains Next Scale Stop which is our Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) scale prevention technology.

Model Service Flow Tank Dimensions
NSS-817 30 liters/minute 21 x 47 cm
NSS-744 40 liters/minute 18 x 123 cm
NSS-844 46 litres/minute 20 x 123 cm
NSS-948 60 litres/minute 23 x 133 cm
NSS-1054 80 litres/minute 26 x 151 cm
NSS-1252 115 litres/minute 31 x 143 cm
NSS-1465 190 litres/minute 36 x 201 cm
NSS-1665 290 litres/minute 41 x 201 cm

  • Highly efficient scale prevention technology
  • Improves water taste
  • Costs less to buy and operate than conventional water softeners
  • Uses no salt or chemicals - no brine discharge
  • Less maintenance
  • Protects the entire water system and all appliances - including boilers
  • Retains beneficial minerals in the water