Quick Twist Scale Stop

Scale Stop, sediment and Carbon dual units for POU applications.

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Bypass Housings

Easy installation with ScaleStops bypass housings


Tank Models

Highly efficient scale prevention technology


TAC Media

For self fill and OEM customers.

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Reverse Osmosis

Fully enclosed units include integrated TAC for extended membrane life. Features include LCD display and automatic membrane flushing.


Scale Stop cartridge system

Flow rates of 4, 8 and 16 litres per minute.


Hotel, Commercial and Industrial

systems and custom sizes

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Based on a proven process known as Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) In simple terms this causes the scale forming crystals to stick to each other and not to metal surfaces


Scale Stop replacement cartridges or media cost less than the annual salt bill for a system of similar size, and change out periods can be as little as every 3 years for higher flow rate systems.


Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC), has produced the first effective salt or chemical-free scale prevention method. Hardness minerals are converted into harmless crystals


All commercial testing and approval is reinforced by independent third party verifications through an internationally recognised testing protocol for hard scale prevention.

Select your Scale Stop model by flow rate

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Water Chemistry - advised limitations

  • pH 6.5 to 8.5
  • Hardness, max. 75 grains (1300 ppm CaCO3)
  • Iron 0.3 mg/l
  • Manganese 0.05 mg/l
  • Copper 1.3 mg/l

  • Next Scale Stop

    For years, water softeners have been virtually the only means of treating hard water. Other alternatives including magnets, electro-magnets, RF devices and catalysts have been available but few have proven to be effective.

    Next Scale Stop is not a water softener, but it has all the advantages of a water softener without the disadvantages and the water feels and acts like soft water. The Next Scale Stop is more economical and has other benefits that a water softener does not have. Salt softeners have many limitations in commercial and industrial applications which are well recognised and understood. Next Scale Stop can provide the protection needed without the restrictions associated with salt softener systems.

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